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Marcelo Matos was born in Uruguay and raised in a small coastal village. In the middle of the 80s with the help of his neighbour Yama they started making their own surfboards with old and recycled pieces of surfboards foam.

At the end of the 80s his friend Fabricio and him wrapped a camera with a plastic bag and tape to take their first surf photo. Matos got obsessed and passionate about surfing and promised himself to find a place where he could live and surf everyday.

After entering a competition back home and having his own surfing tv show Matos finally made his dream come true when he moved to Costa Rica in 2001. Shortly after arriving, him and his girlfriend started taking photos and thats when Matosfilms was born. After repairing a few surfboards to some tourist and teaching a few others the basics of surfing, MatosFilms became Matos Surf Shop.

Today with 2 locations, Tamarindo and Playa Grande, Matos surf shop offers a fully stocked surf shop. From begginners to Pro, we have whatever a surfer needs and more.

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Despite Tamarindos one being a small beachfront shop it stacks more than 200 boards, top brand leashes, fins, rash guards surf trips, ding repair, carver skateboards and its own line of unique clothing along with its ecological SurfCycled Project, which takes part in the making of all of its products such as surfboards, sandals, wax, sunblock, fins and more; all based on bio, eco or recycled materials.

On top of that Matos surfshop is ranked as one of the best surf lessons provider in the Tamarindo area with tons of experience and local knowdledge you will be surfing in a blink. The shop also offers day, weekly or premium rentals where a local photographer is always available to capture the moment during your surf lesson.

Open everyday from 8am to 7pm.

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Playa Grande’s shop is located on the main entrance of Las Baulas National Park and its famous for its concret wave, thousands of people get barreled on it, and it’s free!.

In addition to that has its photo gallery wall of epic surf pictures from customers. The shop also runs a special project to protect wildlife, talk to Gineth to know more about Playa Grande and how you can help this beautiful place remain that way. Matos built the two story shop with his own hands in 2005.

Nowadays ding reparations and shaping are done on the top floor while downstrairs it has another big selection of surfboards (200+) as well as its SurfCycled Line and a special section of local souvenirs. You can either book surf lessons or surf trips in playa grande or tamarindo.

Stop by there and see what we have any day from 8am to 7pm.

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