With more than 35 years of surfing and 20 driving around north Costa Rica, we know when and where to go.

We offer road trips on our 4X4 to some amazing local spots around the Tamarindo area and boat trips to world famous waves such as Witch’s rock or Ollie’s Point. Photos and Video of the session are available upon request.

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If you want a guide with local knowledge contact us or check out bellow for all of our packages.


Depending on the swell conditions we have lots of good surf spots at driving distance (Playa Grande, Avellanas, Langosta, Negra) and a few more with lots of potential for special occasions.

Since we don’t like to waste time driving to spots where waves are not good, with us, you will certainly surf at the best spot for the day!! So Jump on our 4×4 and let’s go surf. Half day and full day trips available.

We also offer professional surf photography, videos, and surfboard rentals.



One of the most iconic waves in the world, it’s an unbelievable place where waves and nature merge together. A story is told that when the strong papagayo’s wind blows against the rock it sounds like a witch(wooooo woooo).

Other people say that some fishermen got lost in the ocean the first time they went fishing back in the 1950’s and ended up in Hawaii due to the witch.

Another story is that there’s a witch in the rock…. whatever the story is, with the right conditions the wave can be pretty hollow and break left or right.Surf both Witch’s and Ollie’s point on our full day boat trip. Road Trip Available on our 4X4 (Depending the season).

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Only accessed by boat and known by locals as Potrero Grande, it’s a bay located North of Costa Rica with amazing rights, which got famous on the 90s by the legendary movie Endless Summer 2, when Wingnut and Pat O’Connell surfed it on a really fun day.

The Name Ollie’s Point: Supposedly back in the 1970’s during a civil war in Nicaragua Oliver North The Name Ollie’s Point: Supposedly back in the 1970’s during a civil war in Nicaragua Oliver North was a C.I.A agent. The story goes. He used this area to bring weapons to the rebels, It’s hard to say what part of the story is true but what is definetely real is how this magic right breaks over the sandbar.

This trip is usually common on a Witch’s Rock Combo, leaving early morning and depending on the tide and conditions surfing both spots on a full day trip.