Witch's Rock and Ollie's Point are probably two of the most famous spots in the world.We offer a full day trip by boat or by car. Photo and video production is avaliable.

Witch´s Rock

A story is told that when the strong papagayo’s wind blows the rock makes a noise as a witch’s(wooooo woooo), other people say that some fishermen got lost in the ocean the first time they went to fish there back in the 1950’s. Another story is that there’s a witch in the rock…. whatever the story is, the wave is incredible.

Witch’s Rock its one of the most famous spots in the world. It’s an unbelievable place where waves and nature merge together.

With the right conditions it can be an amazingly hollow wave left and right.(Depending on season: road trips are available to this spot)

Ollie´s Point

Supposedly back in the 1970’s during a civil war in Nicaragua Oliver North was a C.I.A agent. The story goes; he used this area to bring weapons to the rebels….Its hard to say what part of the story is true , but who cares because the wave is magic when it’s on.

Secret Spots

This is your chance, it’s true that Costa Rica has many lonely waves. As surfers we know when, where, and how to get you there. Here you can see some pictures of what you can find. Just contact us, and we will be on the road and surfing those lonely breaks.

On an average day everybody will be happy. With different spots to surf, fun and waves are a guarantee.Make your reservation for our boat trip today. Also available surf photography and video.